Our Door Opening Solutions 

Our highly secure door opening solutions connects any door to the Cloud safely and simply. We achieve this through our access control system and cloud-based platform which enables a mechanical lock to behave like a smart lock and automatic door opener. Therefore with our door opening solutions, there is no need to install a smart lock or to discard the physical key.

About Us

Lokcom enables doors to be unlocked using a smartphone, PC or tablet. Using IOT technology, it bridges the old world with the new by giving the option to unlock a door using a physical as well as a digital key. There is no need to install a smart lock.


Our Vision

Lokcom's vision is to enable remote door opening that is as safe as handing someone a key.


Our Technology

Lokcom connects any door to the Cloud, which allows it to be unlocked remotely using our app or control panel. Our proprietary closed M2M network means our technology does not depend on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC.