Make the lock of your door a smart lock and connect it to the Cloud via our proprietary technology.

If you need to allow guests, staff or family into your property you can securely, reliably and conveniently allow access via our technology through their phone - even from another country. The Cloud-connected door is monitored constantly to give peace of mind. No special locks are required. No need to change current locks.

How does it work

About Us

Headquartered in London, Lokcom Networks was founded by seasoned executives in the technology and telecommunications industry.

Lokcom Network´s Vision is to focus on connecting any door to the Cloud in a simple, safe and reliable manner.

Lokcom’s MISSION is, using its proprietary technology, to enable any lock into a smart lock, without any modification and connect it to the Cloud, so that property owner/managers of properties have a choice and total control on how they let people in to their property – using a key, an app, a PC or other communication methods with a mobile device.


Using Lokcom´s technology, customers can securely, reliably and conveniently open the Cloud-connected door whether standing in front of it or any distance away - even from another country.

Cloud Services and Software:/

Lokcom´s applications management software provides relevant software on service to manage the needs of user management, door management and automation management in relation to connected doors.

Hosted cloud services:/

Device management software enables any third party mobile device to be used to connect to the door.

Specific use software/

i.e. Door management software Lokcom´s platform has specific use software as it relates to door management in any of the following industries: Short term and holiday rental, Real estate management, Facilities management, Healthcare industry and Home automation.

/Third party APIs:

i.e. Third party software application management Lokcom´s APIs allow third party software applications to take over, manage and control the entire process involved in door management.

/Big Data services:

i.e. Data mining and management Based on all software components of the platform, Big Data Services allow for extracting the value of connected networks irrespective of their size and serving them to third party applications or Lokcom´s applications in order to be used to improve and tailor the connected door functionality and experience.


How are doors connected to the cloud?

Currently, there are hundreds of products in the market to connect doors. These products are so diverse they are meant to cover all of the door opening needs: smart locks, electric bolts, electric strikes, electric locks, interphones and all and any access control device. Alarm companies assure that they are monitoring their customer´s premises, properties or homes, as the Internet of Things grows at dizzying speeds, customers are demanding the same for their doors.

When customers acquire smart locks, they are not aware of what happens to their connection. They do not realize that the locks provide security risks. The novelty of the smart lock overshadows the importance of having access to an established a comprehensive service infrastructure.

Securely open doors

Secure encrypted private network

All communications are on an encrypted private mobile network. Lokcom´s systems do not depend on mobile devices or PCs to manage and open doors that are meant to be connected and thus avoid using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any other open networks that can be hacked


Data centres

Multiple data centres and mobile networks host the platform that allows the doors to be opened remotely every time without fail.


Based on the Cloud

An owner or manager of the property can grant access to anyone without handing the keys to the property over to them. The Cloud connected door can be opened using any mobile device whether the person opening the door is standing in front of it or any distance away from it – even from another country. The connected door can also be opened remotely using a PC making this a totally convenient solution

Constant Monitoring

Morning, noon and night

The connected door is monitored on Lokcom´s platform 24 hours a day. For all authorized entries, the platform is able to tell who entered the property, at what time and how long was their stay. For unauthorized entries the platform can be configured to alert the owner or manager of the property immediately.

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