Open Doors from Anywhere with a phone

Lokcom enables any lock to become a smart lock without any modification and connects it to the cloud so that you have total control of how you let people into your property – using a key, an app, a PC or other communication methods with a mobile device.

Cloud-Based Access Control System for Doors

Unlock doors from anywhere

You do not need to be in front of the door to open it. Thus, you can be in a different country and still have the ability to open the door using the app, PC or any smart device.

Highly Secure

Our proprietary technology is not reliant on open and detectable networks such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. It operates via a closed M2M network that assures an increased security and protects from malicious interferences. 

Fits any door lock

The Lokcom system is totally versatile and compatible with any V12 electric lock. You do not have to replace the current lock and may keep the key. Lokcom can also be installed with a security keypad. If there is no electric strike on the door frame, then one has to be fitted in.

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Internet Enabled Door Remote Control for Holiday rentals, Airbnb & Hotels

Airbnb hosts and property managers can grant and revoke digital keys to the properties for a smooth check-in process for the guests. Control access and monitor activities from their PC, tablet or cell phone. No need to change the mechanical lock. The door can still be open with a key.

Door Entry System for Business

Be in control when and who opens up your office, storage or garage gate. Grant or revoke access to each door remotely. Or unlock a certain door with a phone from anywhere in the world. Scale as your business grows.  

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